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MavenMagnet: Actionable Insights for Product Innovation

In today’s world where consumers have multiple options in pretty much every category, innovation is the key to stay relevant and differentiated.

We have been helping our clients with their new product launch strategies by providing insights in areas ranging from new product development to launch communication strategy. Our discovery-based approach gives us an edge in the domain of whitespace mapping and ethnographies. Over the years, we have helped a bank design and launch a credit card targeted towards travel enthusiasts, worked with an auto manufacturer to provide granular attribute-level category insights to prioritize and highlight features in the next version of their flagship vehicle, and helped an established personal care company uncover insights and cultural nuances to launch their product in a new international territory, to name a few.

Our ability to segment consumers by their behavioral or psychographic profile enables us to identify the target segments, define their personas, and understand their attitude and behavior towards a specific category. A deep-dive analysis of consumers’ value drivers and linkages with their purchase decision-making process uncovers insights that can be leveraged by marketers to improve relevance and preference for their brand.

At MavenMagnet, we have developed capabilities to conduct market research in every country across the globe in any language. We use innovative analytical techniques to extract data-driven insights while adhering to the most stringent industry and government privacy standards.

MavenMagnet: Optimize Brand Association in Campaigns

In today’s cluttered advertising world, it is more challenging than ever for brands to establish a relevant differentiation in the minds of consumers. While functional, sensory, and emotional attributes continue to drive brand relevance, our research across categories over the years have demonstrated a significant increase in the importance that consumers place on how brand’s social values align with their own.

To account for this emerging trend, many brands have started including CSR-led campaigns (around topics such as community welfare, eco-consciousness, and gender equality) as an important component of their mainstream advertising and communication strategy. In times like today, when the media is flooded with CSR campaigns around one single topic, how can a brand succeed in leaving a lasting impression on consumers?

Very often we have seen consumers register a campaign, the featured celebrity, the characters, and the theme, but do not associate it with the brand. In order to help marketers optimize their campaigns, MavenMagnet campaign evaluation metrics accounts for brand association of the campaign as an important element along with others factors such as reach, engagement, and sentiments. Our conversation research technique analyzes consumer conversations around a brand and its integrated campaign. We quantify the impact of each campaign initiative on the brand’s imagery to extract its association with the brand. Our data-driven metrics provides actionable recommendations to help brands enhance impact of their campaign and achieve maximum return on investment.

At MavenMagnet, we have developed KPIs with exhaustive industry benchmarks to measure campaign effectiveness in a manner that has a direct impact on driving consideration and purchase. Our quick turnaround time can help you optimize your existing campaigns in real-time.

MavenMagnet: Virtual Market Research using the Digital Ecosystem

Our digital lifestyle has enabled us to virtually share views and opinions with our peers. This trend has resulted into an ever-evolving digital data repository that provides an unparalleled source of fresh and rich insights to help us understand our consumers better. MavenMagnet has developed innovative research capabilities for extracting these insights.

Our approach is zero-touch, non-intrusive, and discovery-based. In addition to social networks, we tap into more than 500,000 forums, communities, message boards, news sites, blogs, and product reviews. We analyze all forms of consumer data including text, videos, and images to provide data-driven quantified insights without making consumers sit through discussions or fill questionnaires.

At MavenMagnet, we have developed global research capabilities to conduct market research in every country across the globe, and in any language. We can maintain a steady pipeline of consumer intelligence for your brand undeterred by macroeconomic hindrances.

MavenMagnet: Trend scoping to deliver actionable insights

Staying on top of emerging trends is important for making quick and forward-looking strategic decisions that can have significant impact on the market performance.

MavenMagnet trend scoping has enabled brands make critical decisions in domains ranging from communication strategy to new product development. We helped a baby food brand improve its messaging to highlight an ingredient that was consistently growing in importance for moms, reaffirmed an auto manufacturer’s radical shift in its product line-up strategy, and assured a technology company confidently increase their PR focus on collaborative innovation to improve its brand reputation, to name a few.

Our ability to go back in time to analyze past conversations – with periodic cuts – enables us to set benchmarks that act as a stable base for ongoing tracking. Along with real-time tracking to reveal emerging trends, we dig deeper into consumer conversations to uncover behavioral patterns and culture codes that are driving specific trends. This empowers brands with actionable insights to leverage the trends in a manner that is relevant for their consumers.

At MavenMagnet, we use innovative analytical techniques to extract data-driven insights while adhering to the most stringent industry and government privacy standards.

MavenMagnet: Accounting for Dark Social

Dark social refers to people sharing content through private channels such as messaging apps and email. It is gaining a lot of prominence these days due to the rise in consumer presence on messaging apps. While it is crucial to capture insights from dark social, tracking these platforms is not permissible by privacy laws. In order to develop a robust communication strategy, it is important to understand the content that consumers are creating, consuming, and sharing through engagement on these private channels.

MavenMagnet Digital Landscape Mapping Research is designed to capture dark social engagement. In this mapping analysis, we identify the most impactful digital properties such as sites, video channels, social media pages, etc. that are being consumed by consumers. A key parameter we consider here is the “reach” of these properties. Reach is defined by the number of consumers exposed to a digital property, measured by number of consumer interactions in the form of post views, video views, post shares, likes, etc. irrespective of how they are originating – public social referrals or from dark social. Our research identifies content format, type of content, and content tags that are leading to high engagement among consumers. By assigning weight to properties based on their impact, we are able to account for dark social and derive actionable insights to help marketers connect with all consumers irrespective of their preferred channel of content consumption.

At MavenMagnet, we use advanced technological and analytical techniques to provide you data-driven insights in developing your consumer outreach and communication strategies while accounting for dark social. We do this while adhering to the most stringent industry and government privacy standards.

MavenMagnet: Track your global brand imagery

A recent study (published in Gulf Business) we conducted to track the global brand image of Dubai Expo 2020 revealed insights on how the “Expo 2020” brand faired across the world. While the global imagery of the Expo brand focused on togetherness, sustainability, and mobility, we discovered that the messaging and its impact in different parts of the world varied dramatically. For instance, we found that Thailand, UK, Spain, China, and Philippines demonstrated high association with design elements, while innovation drove interest in The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, and Canada. Global tracking helped identify actionable insights to increase and maintain consumer awareness and excitement around Expo in key markets around the world.

Over the last few years, we have been working on quite a few global brand imagery tracking projects. By decoding the local culture code, as well as identifying the elements of the global brand positioning that are working in specific regions, we have helped brands localize their positioning in different markets while maintaining the brands’ global ethos. Sharing insights across markets also help brands efficiently transfer success models and best practices across regions, manage global issues more effectively, and protect the core brand values.

At MavenMagnet, we have developed capabilities to conduct market research in every country across the globe (including China), in any language. By not relying solely on machine translation, and using our network of native speakers to interpret conversations, we ensure that the cultural nuances of the regions are captured efficiently. We help marketers by providing uniform KPIs across key markets in near real-time. We use advanced technological and analytical techniques to provide data-driven input for managing your global brand imagery while adhering to the most stringent industry and government privacy standards.

MavenMagnet: Measure the “Purpose” of your brand

There is a significant shift in attitude of customers, suppliers, communities, and shareholders that suggest business as usual is no longer acceptable or even viable. MavenMagnet has seen this shift over the last decade in the work that we have done around brand preferences and corporate perception. The studies have been leading indicators, particularly with respect to the impact of social values on brand preferences.

A recent study ( that we conducted on back-to-school brand campaigns for the Campaign magazine revealed that brands that donated to a cause consumers associated with as part of their campaign drew much higher engagement from consumers as compared to the brands that went for direct-to-consumer promotions like coupons.

Time and again, we have seen a dramatic gap between goals and in-market performance of initiatives directed towards various stakeholders. Intent often doesn’t map to impact and the ability to measure immediate vs. long-term impact is essential. MavenMagnet can help marketers get ahead of the curve in understanding how they stand on critical issues. We definitively and quantitatively measure and analyze customer and supplier attitudes, employee issues, and community reactions, and track them over time to see what is growing (or declining) in importance.

MavenMagnet: Decode brand equity drivers through contextual listening

Product performance, brand value, social accountability, and emotional connection are some of the key drivers that play a role when consumers are making a purchase decision. Consumers look for products that meet their expectations in terms of product performance. They trust brands that uphold values that are relevant to them, such as innovation or quality. They are more likely to adopt brands that support social causes they consider important, such as environment or equality. They are more forgiving towards brands they have an emotional connection with. In order to decode their purchase decision in a category, you need to do a holistic evaluation to understand what drives consumers towards a brand and what acts as detractors for them.

There is a common opinion that you don’t get a complete understanding of equity drivers on social platforms, and that performance-led product reviews dominate consumer conversations in many categories. We overcome this by taking an innovative approach to social listening. We go beyond social networks to tap into an ever-growing repository of more than 500,000 forums, communities, message boards and blogs. This is where people express their thoughts and emotions. The tangential conversations that go beyond brands set the context that drive consumer perception. Analyzing these conversations, quantifying them, and linking them to brand preference provides a deeper understanding of the equity drivers.

At MavenMagnet, we have developed techniques to contextually analyze consumer conversations to understand their values, emotions and opinions, as well as product experience, and how they together drive brand relevance for them. We use advanced technological and analytical techniques to provide a holistic analysis to help you better position your brand to serve your consumers and we do this while adhering to the most stringent industry and government privacy standards.

MavenMagnet: Demystify your target consumers

What’s common between a baby food company, a beauty soap brand, and a yoga pants designer? They are all typically trying to sell to the millennial and Gen X women. So are others from cell phone carriers to car manufacturers to detergent brands. The same is true for most other consumer segments. Multiple brands in multiple categories are targeting the same consumer segments ranging from youth or boomers. In order to establish relevance and optimize marketing efforts, most brands go beyond the demographic profile and target consumers based on their behavioral and psychographic profile.

Today your consumers are living their lives in digital media. If you are able to track them across their social presence over a long enough period of time, what you will end up getting is a very rich and holistic understanding of who they are. That’s exactly how we conduct ethnographies!

We help you discover and define consumer segments by tracking the digital footprint of your consumers over a period of at least past twelve months. We conduct an in-depth analysis of millions of conversations that go beyond your product category to touch every aspect of their lives. For each segment, we develop a persona that covers quantitative analysis of value drivers, aspirations, activities and interests, and association with brands and media properties. We then zoom into your particular category to identify the factors they value the most while making a purchase decision.

At MavenMagnet, we have developed innovative techniques to learn consumer behavior, their passions, their opinions, and their associations with media platforms with a high degree of precision. We use advanced technological and analytical techniques to help you identify and connect with your distinct consumer segments while adhering to the most stringent industry and government privacy standards.

MavenMagnet: Decoding switchers to create brand stickiness

Consumers have multiple options in almost every product and services category today. From telecom and airlines to toothpaste and gadgets, switching between brands is relatively easier than ever before. This makes it more and more challenging for brands to retain customers. It is important to understand what makes them stick with your brand and what causes defection.

MavenMagnet has developed innovative research capabilities to help brands decode switchers. We deploy contextual listening to tap into conversations of users of a brand and its competitors. We further zero in on the conversations that focus on the reasons to switch to and from the brand. Using our discovery based approach, we identify the brand drivers that lead to the churn. While quantification of the positive drivers uncovers the reasons why consumers are sticking or switching to the brand, the negative drivers in this context indicates why consumers are leaving the brand for competitors. The churn analysis of competitive brands exposes the weaknesses of the competitors which can be leveraged by marketers to make consumers switch to their brand.

At MavenMagnet, we have developed techniques to discover insights by focusing on the context of conversations to help companies make strategic and tactical business decisions. We use advanced technological and analytical techniques to help you retain and attain customers while adhering to the most stringent industry and government privacy standards.