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MavenMagnet: Mitigating Sampling Pitfalls

Getting the right sample is one of the most critical tasks in conducting market research. In case of traditional market research, a few thousand set-top boxes define the ratings of hundreds of television shows, an exit poll of a thousand or so voters is used to predict who’s going to win a national election, and four groups of 15 people each define the positioning statement of a brand. Reliance on these select few to represent the target consumer segments is error-prone due to factors including posturing, respondent bias, and research fatigue.

The myth surrounding social listening tools or dashboards is that you cannot get a robust sample because the data is not representative of your target segment. At MavenMagnet, we take a completely revolutionary approach towards market research sampling to address this concern.

  • Our approach to sampling is technology-based where the size of the sample is in tens of thousands and is determined by the number of consumer conversations required to form strong and stable insight patterns.
  • We collect conversations from all types of digital sources that go way beyond social networks to include blogs, news sites, forums, reviews and rating sites, and special interest discussion groups.
  • We collect data from wherever there is availability of public data while being compliant with privacy laws and guidelines.
  • Our distribution of data sources maps to the consumer spread online to get a perfect representation of your target segment.

MavenMagnet has been at the center of disrupting the current customs and practices in market research. We use the most advanced technological, analytical, and statistical techniques to provide insights that are representative, credible, and actionable to help you make great business decisions.