Monthly Archives: May 2020

MavenMagnet: Optimize Brand Association in Campaigns

In today’s cluttered advertising world, it is more challenging than ever for brands to establish a relevant differentiation in the minds of consumers. While functional, sensory, and emotional attributes continue to drive brand relevance, our research across categories over the years have demonstrated a significant increase in the importance that consumers place on how brand’s social values align with their own.

To account for this emerging trend, many brands have started including CSR-led campaigns (around topics such as community welfare, eco-consciousness, and gender equality) as an important component of their mainstream advertising and communication strategy. In times like today, when the media is flooded with CSR campaigns around one single topic, how can a brand succeed in leaving a lasting impression on consumers?

Very often we have seen consumers register a campaign, the featured celebrity, the characters, and the theme, but do not associate it with the brand. In order to help marketers optimize their campaigns, MavenMagnet campaign evaluation metrics accounts for brand association of the campaign as an important element along with others factors such as reach, engagement, and sentiments. Our conversation research technique analyzes consumer conversations around a brand and its integrated campaign. We quantify the impact of each campaign initiative on the brand’s imagery to extract its association with the brand. Our data-driven metrics provides actionable recommendations to help brands enhance impact of their campaign and achieve maximum return on investment.

At MavenMagnet, we have developed KPIs with exhaustive industry benchmarks to measure campaign effectiveness in a manner that has a direct impact on driving consideration and purchase. Our quick turnaround time can help you optimize your existing campaigns in real-time.