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MavenMagnet: Finding Insights In Millions Of Conversations

Millions of Conversations Can Be Tapped By You
Your customers and prospects talk every day about your company, brand, or products and services. And we don’t just mean via social media. They talk in industry forums. Or specialized professional sites that draw them in. Or on lifestyle web-sites where they like to spend their free time. Our technology crawls across the web to find digital conversations in blogs, news sites, forums, reviews, ratings, and yes, social networks, too. Our technology goes wherever there are conversations.

Order Out of Big Data Chaos
MavenMagnet uses contextual analysis to extract the core themes out of the noise. We find patterns in people’s opinions to define brand drivers, describe a customer persona, explore a new category or market, or drill into your company’s reputation about an issue.  Just like chaos theory in mathematics, this digital analysis — when deciphered using technology and reviewed by expert analysts — finds order in what looks like total randomness. And when you look closely enough at this randomness, patterns start to emerge which provide insights to identify opportunities or to course correct.

Statistically Precise
The beauty of information extracted from chaotic digital conversations is unparalleled, especially when compared to any other way of doing market research. MavenMagnet’s methodology eliminates respondent bias and “research fatigue” that plagues traditional research techniques.

The data is vast and the power is immense. The debate about your brand is continuous and our reach is unmatched. All you need is the right technology and the right techniques to make sense of it and strategize your next move.