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MavenMagnet: Social Listening is in the Stone Age

Has the marketing community set the bar too low? We think so. Marketing professionals focused on social media mining believe that their current social mining tools or dashboards – as they are commonly called – have set the bar for the possibilities of analyzing information on digital platforms. They are barely scratching the surface of a massive pool of data available beyond social sites and they settle for flawed research methods.

How does MavenMagnet differ?

  • Artificial Intelligence instead of Boolean Logic Eliminates Bias — Social listening depends on using Boolean logic i.e. the paring of adjectives required to make the sample size manageable. Our proprietary software and algorithms understand the context of the conversation. For example, if you were using a social listening tool to track Cricket mobile phones you have to add a modifier such as “mobile” or “phone” to make the search manageable and avoid irrelevant references to the bug, the game, the bat, the lighter. But people don’t talk using modifiers so many valuable comments are lost in the screening.
  • Data Beyond Social Networks — We track and analyze all the social networks but go much deeper to include specialized areas such as professional forums, communities, blogs, chat rooms, reviews, news feeds, etc.  We can also fully integrate any data sources to which your company subscribes.
  • Qualitative Research on a Quantitative Scale — We are not a dashboard. We deliver a fully analyzed in-depth report that is synthesized down to key insights and actionable recommendations, appending verbatim to each of the insights from the quantitative assessment. We provide the context, nuance, and texture of qualitative research but provide it on a totally representative and projectable scale.
  • EU GDPR compliant — We adhere to the most stringent industry and government standards.

At MavenMagnet, we have long been disruptors. Our patented technologies and technique garner insights that are of such quality that they map to market performance. We have created a new path-breaking approach to market research: qualitative insights on a quantitative scale, a “discovery” approach based on true customer voices (not questionnaires), verbatim available for creative development ranked by impact, analysis and integration of huge data sets, measurement and key performance indicators, and results in four weeks or less.  But our key challenge is to demystify the belief that social media monitoring tools have set the bar. We’re way past it.