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MavenMagnet: Emotional Overtones Uncover True Insights

Brands seek emotional connections. But they are hard to define. Traditional market research uses surveys and focus groups, both of which are severely limited in capturing emotions. With questionnaires, open-ended questions still limit the level of expression. With focus groups, you can’t be sure of participants’ mindsets or that you are capturing their true emotions; often they sit knowing they are talking to a company about a product and wondering about how others in the group perceive them.

MavenMagnet uses a completely different approach. It gathers data from all sorts of digital sites: blogs, news, forums, reviews, and social networks. This is where people express their thoughts and recommendations which often have emotional overtones. We capture these emotions to deeply understand the perception of your consumers or customers. Emotions stir the pot of conversations. They polarize the flow of discussions. And they are truthful as your consumers and customers talk among themselves.

We are not asking them questions. Their opinions and emotions shine through.

We analyze thousands of conversations with precision and nuance. Not only can we identify positive and negative sentiments, we can identify key drivers as well as the level of engagement and impact for each driver. We can do this at the category or market level and for any target segment. We can do this in relation to your competition. We can create key performance indicators to track your brand and campaigns. And we do all this while understanding the consumer emotions, leading to true insights.