Monthly Archives: February 2020

MavenMagnet: Trend scoping to deliver actionable insights

Staying on top of emerging trends is important for making quick and forward-looking strategic decisions that can have significant impact on the market performance.

MavenMagnet trend scoping has enabled brands make critical decisions in domains ranging from communication strategy to new product development. We helped a baby food brand improve its messaging to highlight an ingredient that was consistently growing in importance for moms, reaffirmed an auto manufacturer’s radical shift in its product line-up strategy, and assured a technology company confidently increase their PR focus on collaborative innovation to improve its brand reputation, to name a few.

Our ability to go back in time to analyze past conversations – with periodic cuts – enables us to set benchmarks that act as a stable base for ongoing tracking. Along with real-time tracking to reveal emerging trends, we dig deeper into consumer conversations to uncover behavioral patterns and culture codes that are driving specific trends. This empowers brands with actionable insights to leverage the trends in a manner that is relevant for their consumers.

At MavenMagnet, we use innovative analytical techniques to extract data-driven insights while adhering to the most stringent industry and government privacy standards.