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PM Narendra Modi’s 200th day: He shines as a reformer in online world

This is a study done by MavenMagnet and was originally published as the cover story in the Economic Times on December 14, 2014.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi versus superstar Rajnikanth — how is that for a match-up? Perish the delicious thought, for now we just have netizens comparing the two.

It was inevitable though, with the aura of invincibility around the two and the Modi government completing 200 days in office on the eve of the release of the Rajni starrer, Lingaa.

To mark 200 days of the Modi Sarkar, ET Magazine got big data research firm MavenMagnet to crawl the internet to gauge the mood on the day.

MavenMagnet’s patented methodology for the survey gleans opinions out of public conversations without asking questions. Rajanikanth has company though; Modi is also being compared to Singham.

Never mind the scenes in Parliament, Modi still seems to be enjoying a honeymoon with the virtual world, with a net 22% positive vibe around him.

A large segment, or 61%, remains neutral or mildly positive. On the 200th day, that is Thursday, December 11, Modi also scored brownie points by congratulating President Pranab Mukherjee and tweeting in Russian to welcome president Putin.
Foreign relations, infusion of national pride, governance and his Kashmir pitch dominated the online discussions around him and his role as prime minister.

The discussions that focused on him personally hovered around his vision and his ability to engage with the masses.

The negative vibes were generated by the usual suspects. Positives and negatives split the vibes baskets down the middle in topics like ‘communal harmony’ and ‘secularism’.However, these topics themselves have not gathered enough traction yet to dominate the discussion around Modi and the most prominent words around him are “vision” and “shares” or “meets” followed by “developed”. Even words like “RSS” or “Hindu” are not prominent.

The man-in-charge imagery clearly is winning the day as this comment from an anonymous commentator shows: “Powerful Modi can only solve all India problems and put the opposition and even his own ministers in place.” Over to the next 200 days.