Targeted Listening for Actionable Insights

Brands seek insights from their consumers. While digital conversations form a great repository of insightful data, a key challenge is to extract the conversations among specific, and sometimes hard to reach, consumer segments to provide actionable insights. Our broad coverage of mainstream as well as industry-specific interactive platforms enables us to mine sizable sample of niche segments as well.

Over the years, we have been helping our clients extract and implement actionable insights while focusing on their target groups. We have done studies focused on segments such as surgeons and physicians including endocrinologist, oncologist and cardiologist, empty nesters, soccer moms, affluent consumers, caretakers of terminally ill patients, architects and small business owners.

For a glucose meter manufacturer, a research among endocrinologists revealed that competitor’s messaging around alternate site testing (forearm instead of finger) and small blood sample requirement was driving a misconception of superiority over client’s brand on two of the most critical drivers of choice. Modification in the communication strategy leveled the playing field for our client, and helped control the market share loss.

In another case, we worked with a personal computers manufacturer to optimize its pricing strategy for high-end PCs with Small and Mid-Size Enterprises as their target customers. We discovered that SME’s strongly preferred the warranty extension over rebate. Interestingly, the actual cost to the manufacturer for the rebate was 60% higher than the actual cost of the extended warranty. Our client switched their promotion strategy to offer an enhanced warranty and dropped the rebate offer and witnessed a significant spike in the bottom line.

At MavenMagnet, we have developed a platform to analyze data in the form of text, images, audio and videos in any language. Our ability to decipher noise and listen to your consumer base, while adhering to stringent data policies and privacy standards, will enable you to conduct customized analysis and get actionable insights to meet your business objectives.

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