MavenMagnet: Integrating Internal Data Sources for Rich Insight

Data overload is one of the key concerns faced by most businesses today. Business managers witness an explosion of data from a spectrum of sources ranging from customer support touchpoints such as calls, chats, emails etc., point of sale data, consumer connects (interviews / feedback forms), paid media data to sales data. This often ricks companies in becoming data rich, but insight poor. Our ability to integrate and analyze multiple datasets in our platform enables brands to get a 360 degree picture with actionable insights in a single consolidated study report.
For an electronic gadget client, we integrated digital conversation and e-commerce reviews with their paid campaign and point of sales data to help them with early ROI indicators to optimize their launch strategy. The brand was able to do near real-time launch optimization using actionable insights from the consolidated study.

For another client in the auto sector, we integrated digital conversations with audio conversations from their call centers for their on-going brand tracking. While brand’s global legacy of reliable engineering was the primary stickiness driver, the uninspiring experience at specific dealerships during test drives and servicing was the key reason for dropout. The client was able to leverage the stickiness drivers in their communication strategy, and address the need-gaps through systematic intervention at dealerships and service centers.  

At MavenMagnet, we have developed a platform to seamlessly integrate multiple datasets in the form of text, images, audio and videos in any language/dialect. Our ability to integrate data from multiple datasets seamlessly, while adhering to stringent data policies and privacy standards, will enable you get actionable insights to meet your business objectives.

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