MavenMagnet: Targeted Listening to Garner Actionable Insights

Brands want to listen to their customers. A baby care brand wants to focus on lactating moms and understand the perceived benefits of their product vs. key competitors. A diabetes glucose meter manufacturer wants to better understand the viewpoint of patients with diabetes, endocrinologists, and diabetes educators to uncover emerging trends and better understand which product benefits are driving brand preference. An industrial printer manufacturer needs to identify the factors that are driving brand preference for small and mid-sized businesses.

The general myth created by social listening tools or dashboards is that you cannot garner insights from digital conversations when you want to focus on specific target segments. Dashboards use brand and product keywords to provide a data dump of anyone and everyone talking about your products. MavenMagnet is transforming the market by providing you the capability of targeted listening on virtually any demographic and/or psychographic break.

We track and analyze all the social networks but go much deeper to include specialized areas such as professional forums, communities, blogs, chat rooms, reviews, news feeds, etc. to find the conversations among your target segments. We use advanced technology to identify the customer personas. Our data aggregation technique captures the context of conversations to understand if an individual is a considerer, purchaser or advocate of your product. We focus on your target segments to provide qualitative insights on a quantitative scale, true customer voice using a “discovery” approach (not questionnaires), and key performance indicators to track and evaluate progress.

MavenMagnet has developed innovative technological capabilities to enable targeted listening. We are fully GDPR compliant and adhere to the most stringent industry and government privacy standards. We extract valuable insights and provide actionable recommendations by analyzing thousands of conversations among your target customers.

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