MavenMagnet: Privacy and Unleashing the Power of Digital for Research

Facebook’s recent data breach and EU GDPR coming into effect in May place a spotlight on privacy issues. At MavenMagnet, our operating principals of adhering to the strictest privacy standards have guided us since our inception. At the beginning, we envisioned a new method for market research, a method that would use immense digital data sets culled from publicly available information, applying our patented technologies to analyze the data in a statistically reliable manner.

While we worked hard to develop our proprietary technologies and process, we were ever mindful of the privacy needs of the customers and consumers we would study. We have always followed the highest privacy standards.

  • We use data only as part of custom engagements for our clients. Our insights are used for holistic decision-making about brands, products, campaigns or customer segments.  We do not target individuals or micro-target ads on Facebook or any other social network.
  • We only access public data. We don’t use any app on any social network to gain access to private consumer data.
  • We never collect, use or share PII information about any consumer or customer. All our research is macro-level.
  • We do not hold data for resale to third parties.
  • We are not Facebook dependent. Facebook typically make up less than 15% of the data we use for a typical engagement.

At MavenMagnet our goal is to provide accurate insights and deep analysis while driving efficiency in the research process. We are propelled by science. We are motivated by our clients and their unique challenges. We adhere to the highest privacy standards. Contact us to discuss further.

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