Kindle must have…

1) Blog feeds: Blogs have become mainstream source of information for everything from news to articles. Many people read tens of blog posts a day and something like a book a month making blogs a must have on an electronic reading device. Amazon can develop a web-based blog reader which will remain in-sync with the feeds on Kindle. Having blog feeds in Kindle will also provide an opportunity for Amazon to monetize through contextual ads next to the blogs.

2) Chat client: There’s no question about the importance of community around a product. Having a Kindle-to-Kindle chatting client will allow book clubs to use Kindle as their primary device of communication. People will be able to discuss sections of a book, send around bookmarks and do so much more if they can communicate from right “inside” the book.

3) “Serial” book: Kindle digitizes the books. So an interesting feature for Kindle will be to have a “serial” book, i.e. get an installment of the book every week. Wouldn’t it be great to get a chapter of the new novel from your favorite writer every week way before the novel is out for publishing? The excitement of this for die-hard followers of an author will be just like that of a 24 fanatic watching Jack Bauer traversing through an hour a week in 24.

Technically, all these features are possible. Kindle’s got a wireless connection that enable users read daily newspapers on it. It’s got a full qwerty keyboard for people to search books and browse through Wikipedia. It’s true that none of these features will do an Oprah for Kindle, but they will definitely make Kindle more wannable and pull some customers towards it!

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