Google’s marketing genius

Since writing the post on marketing starts at inception a few days back, I had a discussion with a few folks on whether Google is run by marketers or not. Well I believe Google has been one of the best marketing companies online and it asserts that marketing needs to be ingrained in every part of the company right from the product and design to community and customer connection.

The entire marketing effort of Google was focused on the early adopters. Google’s target customer base became the savvy Internet users who were continuously in search of information on the web. This created a strong community of mavens which served to increase the marketing strength of Google to spread it all over the web and helped it cross the chasm. 

Simplicity was another feature that differentiated Google from its competition. Google marketed itself to the customers who were not looking for organized content, but were looking for a way to get a list of all content on the Internet in an organized fashion. The success of Google Search engine is dependent on how quickly a customer leaves Google and reaches to the information they are looking for. Google created brand equity and gained customer confidence by not tampering the search results with sponsored results. Instead they clearly marked the sponsored links which became their main source of revenue.

And then there was “Don’t be evil”. I believe it was arguably one of the best principle statements on the Internet (or maybe technology industry) which also served its purpose in marketing the company. Google attracted that big community of users who were looking for alternatives to existing behemoths.

It’s important to understand that great marketing is not an alternate to great product. You got to have great products to succeed in the long run. In fact, a great product is made better and is able to reach the majority if there is great marketing behind it. Google is a perfect example of that!

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