Context: the virtual box around a quote or conversation. This is the interpreter box that helps you make sense of the conversation. This is the savior box that helps politicians defend pretty much any statement by saying that it was quoted out of context.

So let’s put things into context. We give a whole lot of importance to context when making sense of big social data. The idea is to differentiate between virgin the airline, virgin the mobile and “virgin”–anything that is pure. When you want to extract insights from the perception of your consumers, you got to get rid of conversations that have nothing to do with your brand/product. We at MavenMagnet call it chaos elimination using social mapping technology. The intent is to leave nothing that is in context and keep nothing that is not in that particular context. This helps us analyze a whole lot of relevant and contextual data with high degree of accuracy and provide actionable recommendations swiftly and comprehensively.

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