Make it easy

I recently bought a new laptop. It was something I have been pushing out for about six months because I was so used to my 5 years old laptop which had everything I needed set the way I wanted it from the software to the auto fills and what not.

So as I start installing software and using the new laptop, I was pleasantly surprised by Chrome. As soon as I logged in Chrome with my gmail account, it auto populated everything from bookmarks to history to auto fills making my life so much easier.

I have a similar experience every couple of years I upgrade my iPhone. As soon as you log on using your Apple account, all your apps and notes and contacts just gets auto set to your new phone seamlessly.

The essential thing here is to understand what would make the life of your customers easier. I didn’t select to use iPhone because of its seamless upgrading functionality nor did I select to use Chrome because I can transfer my personal information across computers and make browsing experience easier. But after experiencing that, I am quite sure that I going to stick to iPhone and Chrome respectively. So here’s a small thing that might not be of that much help in customer acquisition, but can really be worthwhile in customer retention.

Next time you are at the drawing board adding great features to your product, think what can you do so that the customer sticks to your product even if there are a zillion alternatives out there.

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