Why you can’t be the next Apple?

Or for that matter the next Starbucks or the next Amazon or the next Facebook.

The key characteristic of these great companies is their distinctiveness and focus on their customers. The moment you start thinking in terms of being the next Apple, you lose focus on what you are and start following a path that neither distinguishes you from your competition nor serves your customers. There’s no harm in adopting best practices, learning from their mistakes, and being ambitious. But the focus should be on how you can do the best to serve your customers.

There are many examples of companies out there in different countries which follow the business models from some other countries and implement it in their own market. Many of these are acquired by the companies they end up copying, but there is a certain distinctiveness in the ones that survive in the long run. These companies are smart enough to adapt themselves in their specific markets. Whether it’s the payment plans or service agreements, these companies modify them with focus on their customers which leads to long-term sustainable success.

To sum it all up…hold your distinctiveness and focus on your customers. Find your own spot in the cool pool.

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