Who’s invincible?

The biggest sign of over confidence is to think and believe that you are invincible, and it is well-known that the road to downfall starts at the home of over confidence.

Sport stars play a good case study when it comes to the topic of invincibility. History books are full of sportsmen who were once upon a time big stars in their fields but were displaced from their place of authority by new faces way before they have used their full potential because they were lost in the belief of being invincible.

Same is true in the field of business and product development. Products become obsolete as soon as the developers start believing that their creation is invincible. You got to be on top of where your industry is going. You got to have a vision of what your customers will embrace next, because if you don’t there is someone out there doing exactly that while you are swimming in the pool of invincibility.

So who is invincible? The one who keeps re-innovating, changing, adapting and getting better. The one who continuously focuses on what’s next.

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