The business of prediction

Human beings are obsessed to know the future. What’s going to happen is something that excites people and in some cases helps them make decisions. The business of prediction, what the future holds, is a multi-billion dollar industry. It ranges from predicting the stock price of a company to success of a product launch to opening of a movie to outcome of a match-up.

Big data gives us immense power to more accurately provide indications for the future. The large number of conversations happening online act like an unparalleled source of information. The heart of dealing with big data lies in the analysis of this data. A combination of technological processing and expert observation leads to generating patterns with rich insights and takeaways  that in-turn lead to indications for the future.

MavenMagnet’s primary focus is to identify the reasons behind every takeaway or prediction. The key drivers and barriers defining the success or failure of an entity. The top influencers who are making or breaking a reputation and will play a role in the future. The best steps you can take to prevent a negative tide or ride a positive wave.

Everything apart, if a prediction is not supported with a reason, it’s worthless. If there’s nothing that can help you improve the fortune of your entity or impact what’s going to happen, it makes very little sense. Of course there’s keeping your fingers crossed for a positive surprise…another thing we humans are obsessed with!

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