It’s the Rolls-Royce of wheelchairs

There could not have been a better way to describe Cougar 9000!

Drawing analogies between your product (or service) and a well-known product is one of the better ways to give elevator pitch description of your product. The idea is to take a product that has a definition of its own in an industry or category and use it as a comparable to help someone picture the core characteristics of your product. Like Chipotle: Subway for Mexican fast food. Or Entourage: Sex and the City for guys.

Another great use of an analogy is to explain your vision. How you see a particular technology or event shaping the future? How you see your product playing a critical role in an industry? For example, when a visionary leader was asked during the launch of Tata Nano as to what role he wants Nano to play the automobile industry, he drew a great analogy to explain his thinking: Tata Nano will do the same to automobile industry what Microsoft Windows did to the computer industry. Without arguing the role of Tata Nano or its success, I believe the analogy clearly describes the vision of the individual. Everyone knows the role Windows played in personal computer industry towards Microsoft’s mission to put a computer in every home. Along the same lines, the vision behind Tata Nano was to make a new car accessible to every family who could not have afforded one in the past.

A good analogy adds a lot of substance to an argument. Whether you are describing your product to someone or trying to layout your vision, a good analogy is a great way to put it out without using a lot of words.

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