Yet another campaign done right

A few months back I wrote about excellence of the New York shuttle S campaign. Here I want to talk about a very similar theme based campaign done on another piece of public transit and its impact (yes, we have numbers to prove that it worked well!)

I am talking about the San Diego trolley theme campaign of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic during the 2012 Comic-Con. The promoters of the show took one car out of 4-5 cars of the trolley and painted it with themes from the TV Show. The impact was amazing because of a couple of reasons. When anyone saw all the cars with simple regular red color and in between a car painted with a particular theme, it instantly caught their attention. People entering the car saw the same theme of the TV show wherever they looked. Second, it was extremely targeted to get hold of the Comic-Con audience who were there to talk and listen about movies and TV shows. The idea was, as always, to get undivided consumer attention.

With hundreds of movies and TV shows trying to buy a few minutes of attention from 130,000 Comic-Con attendees, this campaign of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic created significant buzz by the attendees and left a lasting impression in their mind. According to a research done by MavenMagnet, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic ended up being the second most talked about TV show on social media by the Comic-Con attendees!

Check out MavenMagnet report Comic-Con 2012: Movies and TV Shows that dazzled the social world.

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