Social Media Tracking: Real-time vs. Richness

Real-time information sharing has become a part of our lives today. With the advent and spread of social media, real-time communication and information sharing has reached a new level. Social networks have wired us to share our opinions, thoughts and experiences instantaneously. We have the power to get the information in real-time as it happens and to express our thoughts in real-time as and when we want.

The ease of information sharing has led to a large amount of data in the social world. This availability of data gives us a great opportunity to extract rich information out of it and put it to use. With cutting-edge technology and modern techniques we can slice-and-dice this data to make sense out of it. We can spot the patterns, adopt the best practices and avoid the mistakes we made the last time around.

Social media tracking plays a pivotal role in making sense of all that is happening in the social media 24/7. Consumer goods companies want to know what people are talking about their brands, media firms want to know how people are engaging with their movies, shows and characters, healthcare companies want to know how people are responding to the new drug they just put out on the shelves and governments wants to know what their citizens are expecting from them. This brings us to the real question we look into every time we talk to a client about social media tracking: can you take a breather while we make it rich or do you want it real-time?

A lot of it depends in what business you are in. If you are in business of customer service or public relations management, real-time is what you want. You want to make sure that if a customer is asking how to fix something, you get back to her as soon as possible. If there’s a customer complain about your product or service, you got to address it before it becomes a PR disaster. Of course you should periodically go through all the complaints and service requests and get an in-depth analysis to see the pattern that emerges so that you can address the core issues to avoid repetition of the same things over and over again.

In most other cases, what you want is a tracking report where the buzz is  accompanied with rich analysis to make sense of it. Social media brings with itself a tide of data overflow. We see it as a rich source of information that is extracted by mining this data using great software and techniques. It’s cool to see streams and streams of posts coming in while your show is airing on television or when you launch a new campaign or while you give the state of your union. But its just data. What is really awesome is the insights you can extract out of it. How do you go about doing it? Well wait for a little while, let the software and experts work on this data to convert it into information and then get insight into what it is all about, understand what’s working and what’s not, get the key takeaways and make things happen.

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