Social world ownership

Social networks have become the number one place for people to spend time. With more and more people spending time over there, it has become the place to be for businesses. The growing overcrowding on social media has made it very easy for anyone to get lost. The natural reaction here for businesses is to try and take ownership of their social worlds. But is it even possible?

Let’s first define the social world for your business. Is it your Facebook fan page and twitter handle? Or is it your microsite where you have all sort of cool games for people to learn about your products and the forum that you maintain to provide customer support? Well its all this and much more. The reason being, nine out of ten times, the communication is not happening on your turf. If people like your product, they share it with their friends in their tweets. They write about a horrible experience with your customer service on their blog. They provide recommendations and share experiences where they find it comfortable. So this defines your social world as the world out there, with no boundaries and no limits.

The point is, your social world is forming out there. It is continuously evolving. You cannot own your social world and you should not even try to do that. What you can do is be an active part of it. Stir the pot. Answer questions that the customers pose. Take feedback from your customers. Identify the mavens–passionate users and the opinion makers–and engage with them and let them be your advocates. That’s the best way you can leverage your social world.

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