Do less, do well…but what about growth?

Focus on your core. You cannot be everything for everyone, but you can be the top choice for something for a lot of people. Everyone loves to be a super market. A super market for high-tech, consumer products, financial services, manufacturing and what not. Investors love super markets (till everything is going well). Top professionals are attracted to these super markets because you can do whatever you want within these companies. But every once in a while comes a nimble focused company doing just one thing with great perfection and passion and taking over the niche.

It’s human nature to focus on growth. Investors invest in you if you have growth potential. Most of us get up every morning with the ever existing aspiration to take that next step. So the important question is how to grow in a way that you still maintain that focus to be the best in whatever you do? A good way to approach this is by expanding the boundaries. Broaden the horizon and definition of your niche. If you are an expert in the petroleum industry, you can grow by defining energy business as your niche. If your company excel in selling books online, you can define e-commerce as your business. This will make it easier for your company to succeed because the structure of your expansion makes sure you are focused on the right mission and working towards that broader goal and your customers will be able to identify your brand with what will be your broader niche.

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