Testimonials in the social world

Testimonials are basically “free” advertisements your customers do for you. Testimonials play a major role in helping customers make buying decisions. If your advertisements attract the customers to your door steps (or website), testimonials make them buy your product (or service). Like everything out there, the interactivity of the web and dominance of the social media impacts testimonials as well.

Social media has enabled people to talk about you and your product. It doesn’t really matter if they are coming to you and raving or complaining about something. They are already out there interacting with the people who really care the most about what they have to say. So the ideal thing for you to do is not trying to convince them to come and speak to you, but listening to them when and where they have something to tell you. Take a feed from the social platforms like Twitter and Facebook and put it on your website. That’s your testimonials in this social world.

There are a lot of advantages of using the interaction on social media as testimonials. In fact you should encourage your customers to put a word for you in the social world instead of your website. A word out there is more powerful than on your domain. It is credible, it is reaching out to the right audience and it makes your customers feel good and in control of their views. At the same time it is easier and more convenient for customers because they are already spending time on these platforms.

It is important for you as a company to make the social feed on your website credible. The best way to do this is to keep the feed unfiltered. By letting negative feedback appear alongside the positive ones will make your feed credible and hold its importance. It is not possible for everyone out there to love your product. There will be people out there who will not like your offering or even hate it. Deal with it. Reach out to those customers and try to answer their questions. That’s your opportunity to convert them in your favor and rave about your customer service.

Social interactions about your product is a double-edged sword. You got to be careful, or to put in better words, be ready to provide the best because you no longer control what people will tell about you. This is how the social media works. It is no longer a question whether you are getting affected by it or not. Your social world is forming. The real question is are you a part of it or not?

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