When you go after everyone…

…you risk to lose the right someone.

The counter argument to this is that volume counts. Well that’s true, but going after everyone, you might end up diluting your brand so much that it doesn’t have value for anyone. You should think if tomorrow you stop existing, will you be missed? If the dilution is enough to court everyone, the likelihood of you being missed is really low. You will set the bar very low for replacement and the possibility of an alternative taking your place will be really high.

On the other hand, if you have a strong connection with a right set of some passionate followers, you will be missed, missed enough for them to try hard and keep you in business. And when the time is right to grow, you will have these right someone pushing hard to help you cross the chasm and reach mainstream.

Harley Davidson, Ikea, Red Bull and Whole Foods are some well-known examples of the companies that chose to go for the right someone, who became their brand ambassadors. They care about the brand, make worthwhile contribution to it, and above everything else, help spread the word. What these brands got is invaluable and unmatched. They got a dedicated team of mavens who go out there and speak on their behalf to everyone they can, and when they do the talking, it’s more credible than anyone the brand hires to do the same.

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