Communities as advertisement design canvas

What do you want in your advertisement? Something that people like, appreciate and get excited about. Something unique that can help them link to your brand. An effective advertisement campaign has a singular theme for all mediums which can be identified by the customers. A good way to design that theme is by using the social media.

Marketers can monitor various elements of web-based social world to identify what people think about their product, which part of their product most excites them and what are the turn-offs. They can monitor what people generally look for when they are shopping. Using this information effectively, and designing advertisements by keeping in mind the factors that will appeal to the customers, marketers can design better advertisements as compared to the ones designed in a silo.

To take it a step further, a company can have their own community where it can interact with its customers. By having discussions on their domain, marketers can extract customer intelligence on the conversations taking place. They can conduct polls and surveys, have healthy discussions and better understand what clicks for their customers. Essentially, by doing this, marketers will be in a way able to indirectly run themes by the customers and come up with campaigns that are most influential in the community.

The idea here is to take help of your most engaged customers in designing the marketing campaigns. Creativity in designing the advertisements is as important as anything else, but just imagine how much more impactful that can be when you are hitting the right strokes in the right style!

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