The atomic world

We live in an atomic world. We buy one song at a time from iTunes, reach to that one editorial piece out of a zillion using Google, buy one mobile application using app store and buy that one electronic accessory or a missing dinner plate in a dining set from Ebay. Apple, Google, Ebay and the likes have done a great job in dicing the world as per their customer’s demands. This piece-by-piece concept has taken over the concept of selling packaged solutions.

How one can survive and thrive in this atomic world? I believe in order to break the code of the atomic world, we need to focus on two things. First, focus on a niche. You cannot provide everything to everyone, but you can fulfill some atomic need of your niche customer set.

Second, everything you put out there should be perfect. You cannot bet on the bundle being attractive because people don’t care about the bundling any more. People choose to make there own collection by choosing one piece at a time. Similarly, when you are creating a website, you cannot just create just an attractive homepage and leave the inside pages mediocre because nine out of ten people reach to any page on your website using a search engine.

In a nutshell, for success in the atomic world, do less, but whatever you do, be the best!

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