Chrome: a big win for Google

For a company dominating the web and challenging everything on the desktop with a cheaper web-based alternative, a web browser is an obvious offering. So there came Google Chrome, accompanied with mixed reviews from the technology world. Some people liked it being light weight, flexible between tabs and windows, organized etc., while others hated the missing home page and claimed that it has nothing path breaking as compared to other web browsers available in the market. No matter what your personal viewpoint is on Chrome, in the short term, it is a big win for Google. Why?

Google has set itself as the launch pad on the Internet. The Google’s advertising programs control the major chunk of advertising investment on the web. So basically the better the experience customers have online, better it is for Google. The single most important goal for Google is to bring more and more people online and provide them great web experience. Now even a mediocre Chrome at this time generated enough competition in the market to improve other web browsers even more and make the customer experience much better than what it has ever been. No matter which browser people end up using, if they spend more time on the Internet, it will help Google get stronger and more profitable than anyone else.

With the growing emphasis on cloud and web-based applications, it is hard to imagine how the browsers will look like a couple of years from now. In the long term, it is quite possible that the company that wins the browser battle will have an upper hand in controlling the use of applications hosted in the cloud, but in the short term, improvement in any web browser is a win for Google.

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