A post-it note that won a customer

I recently took a flight from Seattle to Hong Kong (yes, it was a long one with a break in Seoul, South Korea) with Asiana airlines. The overall service of this airline was well above anything I have experienced in the likes of American, United or Delta airlines. But on top of that, one experience I had with Asiana customer service in this trip stood out to be exceptional.

During the flight from Seattle to Seoul, I fell asleep while dinner was being served on board. By the time I woke up, people were done with their meals, air hostesses were done collecting the used trays and tray-tables were closed. In a nutshell, I would have hardly known that the dinner was served while I was asleep. But on waking up, I saw a post-it note in front of me which said: “We served dinner while you were resting. We did not want to disturb you, but whenever you feel like dining, please let us know. We will be happy to be at your service.”

WOW! Now that sets the bar for hospitality (in economy class) on an airplane. 

In this immensely competitive airline industry, something this small can make all the difference for a customer while booking tickets for the next trip. I have taken several inter-continental flights over the last decade, some with good service, while others not so good terrible, but Asiana’s service made me an instant maven. What made Asiana standout of the lot is that they go an extra step to make sure they take care of their customers. With the deteriorating service of many other airlines, I would recommend you to try Asiana airlines if you can. I am pretty sure you will be impressed.

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