The search engine effect

Question: What has Google and other search engines done to the information available on the Internet? Answer: Widened the gap.

While on one hand the search engines have done a great job in organizing the infinite amount of information on the Internet and given access to it in a simple and straight forward way, they have at the same time created a great divide between what people watch and what they don’t on the Internet. Nine out of ten times, we end up looking at the top five to ten results on the search results page. Most of the times, we don’t even bother to go to the second result page. As a result, the page rank for the popular content keeps getting better and that of not so popular gets stagnated.

This is a fact. Now the real question is how to succeed in this new world of Internet where search engines are primarily the window to the infinite information and resources available out there. The goal is simple, be one of the top ten results for something and the best way to do this for any new player is by targeting the niche. Pick a niche, solve a particular problem in the best possible way, be the first choice for anyone who is facing that problem, build a community of mavens and inturn use this search engine effect in your favor.

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