The global campaign against Global Warming

One thing that has created lot of buzz around the globe is the campaign led by Al Gore against Global Warming. This campaign has made the common man at least aware of the fact that something needs to be done to address this environmental issue, and has won Gore the Nobel Peace Prize, an Academy Award and universal acclaim. This ongoing campaign led by the former United States Vice President, among other things, is a great marketing success (watch the 60 Minutes coverage of Al Gore’s campaign).

One of the marketing tactics used by Gore and company in this campaign is tp deliver the same message in a customized way to the people around the world. Following the global success of the documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, Gore acknowledged the fact that one size doesn’t fit all, and developed different versions of the same presentation with targeted content to back the message. The content is tailored to target an audience pool as narrow as evangelical christians as well as an audience as broad as a whole nation. On a recent visit to India, Gore delivered his presentation with focus on how India will be affected by climate crisis and how Indians can take steps to prevent it. The universal success of the campaign endorses the importance of targeted marketing in any field.

Another tactic used by Gore in spreading his word is viral marketing. Gore knows that he cannot reach all the people around the world with his message alone. So in order to address the urgency of the issue, Gore conducts seminars to train other individuals who take his message further by delivering it to the community and training others to do the same, hence leading to a chain effect.

Next Gore is launching a $300 million novel advertising campaign to spur a debate on the issue of climate crisis in the United States. Novel in the sense that it has roped in famous people from different walks of life to stand together to campaign for the issue. It has employed a theme that tries to make a point that people who disagree on all other issues, do agree on the need to address this issue. May be in six months or so, we will be able to pick up a few tips on effective advertising from this campaign.

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