How many vs. Who

Global advertising is a more than $600 billion industry that is growing year-over-year. This endorses the fact that in today’s competitive environment, the value of customer connection is more than ever before. Companies go to great lengths to make sure they connect with their customers, be it using old mediums like television and newspapers or new mediums like blogs and newsgroups. Television, radio, newspapers and other mediums sell their ad spaces based on how many people will watch that particular advertisement, and most of the time, more the eyeballs, more expensive is the advertisement space.

But does it really matter how many people watch your advertisement? Of course it does, if you are selling bottled water, because that’s one of the few cases where all the people watching the advertisement are your customers. But in nine out of ten cases, the marketers need to target the niche. In that case, it doesn’t matter how many people watch the advertisement, what matters is how many potential customers are watching it. The success of web search powered advertisements is a testament of the importance of relevance. If the advertisement reaches the right customer at the right time, it can have a real impact on the sales of the company.

To sum up, it doesn’t matter if your advertisement reach out to a million people if your potential customers in that million is a hundred. A much better strategy will be to first identify those hundred customers using customer intelligence and then tailor your campaign to reach those hundred customers with a clear and focused message. It’s the who that matter, not the how many.

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