Marketing helps…even teachers

I always believed that teaching is something that speaks for itself. If a person is good in the profession of teaching, it will be recognized, no matter what, and children will gradually start to enjoy learning from this teacher. But recently I came across a third grade teacher who challenged this theory. This person, though not the best in his field, is the most admired teacher by the children in the class and the students do the best in subjects taught by this teacher. Reason: he markets himself as a fun loving person and the subjects he teaches as interesting, thus attracting the students towards the subjects.

This makes so much sense. Children consider something as hard or as easy as the perspective is developed for them. A twelve year old can play a multi-player video game with excellence but cannot solve a math problem. Logically thinking, this is something that is really hard to believe. But it makes complete sense when you take into account the likeness parameter. The kid enjoys playing that video game but tries to solve the math problem just because it is required. So if the teacher teaching math to this child makes math as interesting as that video game, I believe the math problem will be solved with the same excellence, if not more.

I believe marketing helps. Just like proper marketing can put life in a dead product, it can put life in a seeming dead subject taught in a class. All you need is to create an environment that generates interests for the subject, hence attracting children towards it.

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