Let’s think green

Green is for everything, and you don’t have to make your product bland to make it eco-friendly, all you need is creativity in product development to attain it. I came across gDiaper video a few days back and I believe these diapers certainly endorse this fact. gDiapers consists of a washable outer pants and plastic free flushable refill. The outer pants make the diaper look nice, the flushable refills make them a lot easier to use and dispose, and at the same time the plastic free refill makes the product eco-friendly. So next time when you think that your product doesn’t have scope to go eco-friendly, think about the diapers to get some inspiration!

This is just one example where making the product eco-friendly makes it easier and smarter to use. Another one that is gaining lot of attention is Honda Pilot. Honda built this car which looks like an SUV and gives twice the gas mileage as compared to a normal SUV. By making a green product, Honda is on its way to cash on all the bad publicity SUVs are gaining for bad mileage, which makes them both non eco-friendly and costly to use.

So what does “think green” mean? “Think green” simply means add features to your product that gives it added advantages along with making it better for the planet. Using creativity and making conscious efforts in designing the product can lead to an eco-friendly output with features that can attract the customers. Plus you need one more thing – marketing. You need to let the customer know that your product is eco-friendly. Eco-friendly pitch can give your product the much needed differentiating factor, and in some cases can even help you de-commoditize the product.

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