Positive vibe makes all the difference

Have you ever been at a place where you feel an overflow of positive energy? Some place where you feel excited, happy and energized? What is your reaction to that? Most of the time, you enjoy that experience, and depending on what it is, you may want to have a repeat experience of it. That’s what a positive vibe is and in a World where a customer is exposed to a lot of options, it is something that can make all the difference.

Positive vibe is one of the biggest differentiators. It makes a difference in a lot of things from a simple television advertisement spot to grocery shopping to workplace environment to almost anything you can think about. In case of advertisements, positive vibe plays a role in generating a desire to have the product. The best examples that come to my mind are the Porsche commercial (long version) or the iPhone ad. These advertisements make you chuckle. Why? Because the advertisement creates a good feeling about the product. A thought that says, may be (in case of Porsche, “one day”;-)) I should buy this product. That’s a unique feeling that makes the commercial stand out because you don’t get the same feeling while watching the other dozen car and cell phone commercials. 

Another explicit case where positive vibe directly converts in dollars is shopping centers. Whether it is grocery shopping or shopping for a furniture, the positive vibe makes the customer feel comfortable to spend more time and money at the store. Some examples that pop into mind while thinking about the happy and energized atmosphere at shopping places are Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. These stores make the customer feel at home while shopping. The staff exemplifies a feeling of happiness increasing the footfall in these stores and the number of return customers.

There are places where positive vibe doesn’t make a that straight forward difference, but it can still be instrumental in many ways. For example, consider schools. Schools are there to provide education to the students. If schools can develop a positive vibe, the learning experience can become even better for students. Students should not feel going to school as a burden or necessity. They should rather be thrilled and excited to be at school. In order to do that, the students should feel welcome, energized and happy at the school. This will encourage students to spend more time and energy at what they do at school. This will improve their preformance of what they do, irrespective of whether it is learning math and science, or excelling in sports.

The vibe does make a difference. Sometimes big, sometimes small. This makes me wonder why are there shops where it is not there. Why are there ads that don’t make you excited about a product or an online store where you don’t feel like buying something? This raises the obvious question: is positive vibe something can be created? Yes, I think it can be. In fact it should be. It should be in your list of required features you want to be there. At the end, it’s all about creativity. If you can pump in some creativity in order to make the place or product more attractive, with the explicit thought in mind to bring in the feel good factor, you can generate this critical differentiating factor.

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