A video speaks a million words!

You must have heard that a picture speaks a thousand words. That’s so much true, and equally true is the fact that a video speaks a million words. Video is like simulated pictures, lots of pictures passing in quick succession (yeah I know you don’t want me to prove it mathematically, but just for the sake of argument). A video has a greater appeal than a written memo or a static picture because you can give much more details using a video and use sound to increase the impact. Essentially, if you create a video just to explain a picture, you are delivering the message you were trying to deliver through the picture in an easier and better way. With the decreasing cost and ease of use of the video cameras, advent of broadband and growing popularity of podcasts and online video communities, videos are gaining popularity as the standard way of delivering message at any level.

Just like any other technology, videos have their usage in the field of marketing. Advertising through video clips on television is time tested successful way of reaching a customer, so I think we can take that to be a well known application here. Videos can be used in several other ways to enhance marketing. One of the most important application which can directly impact the customers is product demonstration videos. Companies create such videos to familiarize the customers with their products and services. These videos can be as simple as a 360 degree view if the product and can be as complicated as a completely interactive demonstration of the product with voice descriptions. Videos for product demos is a very economical and effective way to reach the customers. Video demos online have become more important now than ever before because more and more companies are trying sell products directly through Internet.

Another use of videos is to create product brochures. The difference between the number of people reading a novel and number of people watching a movie based on the same novel is huge. Number of people watching the movie is manyfolds as compared to reading the novel in normal cases. Similarly, instead of writing a beautiful product brochure for a product, if you show a few minutes video of the product, you will get more people to watch it as compared to read the brochure. In other cases, video brochures can accompany paper based brochures to appeal to all kinds of customers. These video empowered brochures can either reach customers by distributing them traditionally in the form of discs or can be viewed on the Internet. This is a growing practice in marketing organizations and significant product brochures that come to mind are that of BMW and Starbucks Interactive Cup Brewer. Marketing brains can come up with many more useful applications of videos to better reach the customers and create buying a product a much better and satisfying experience.

With the fast moving world and rapid improvement in technologies, the marketers are getting new tools to reach to the customers. Video is one of them. In order to succeed in this fast changing environment where customers have more options than ever before, marketing should make a point to stay at the cutting edge of all the technological advancements happening around them. The bottom line is to reach the customer in the best possible way and today if creating an attractive video serves that purpose, you got to go for it.

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