Is your company sales focused?

Sales…not Marketing! Many companies focus on sales more as compared to marketing. Marketing and Sales are two entirely different concepts. Sales focuses on the needs of the seller while marketing focuses on the needs of the buyer. Sales is preoccupied in converting the products into cash, marketing is done with the idea of satisfying the needs of the customer by the means of products and a host of services attached with it. Any company that focuses on getting rid of the products through various sales techniques are sooner or later going to be in real trouble. In computer science equation, we can summarize that as –

IF (EXISTS (Sales Focus))

Well you will argue with me that’s not the case. Many companies just focus on selling their products and succeed. Yes they may in the short run, or even in the long run if they get lucky. One example that stands out is that of the oil companies. When was the last time you saw one of them aggressively marketing their products? Well may be in the days of Rockefeller when he marketed the kerosene to light lamps. Oil is one unique industry where sales overtake marketing. They really just focus on the product. So the equation changes a bit. It looks like –


Why is it so? How come there are few industries that stand out to be so product focused but still are so successful? I am very sure that the customers are not dumb enough to just buy products from companies who focus less on them and more on their products. Let’s shed light back on our oil industry example. What I believe is happening here is someone else is doing all the marketing for them. Yes, it’s the automobile industry, the airline industry, the tourism industry and so on. All these industries are incredibly customer focused. To survive in any of these industries, the companies need to place the customer first. These industries are highly marketing based. And they are in-turn directly or indirectly dependent on oil. Oil, luckily again, is placed in a unique position with no alternate source of energy that can be used for transportation. So how long will oil enjoy this luxury? Well till we do not find an alternate source to run our automobiles, fly our planes and run our cruises…or in other words, not anytime soon.

Bottomline – Marketing is the backbone of any company’s success, and if you are lucky enough to get favors from someone else to do all your marketing, you can survive just by sales.

IF (EXISTS (Sales Focus) AND NOT (Someone else doing the Marketing for you))

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