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Is it just a bottle of water?

A couple of years back, I came across a wonderful “advertisement”. Actually I was completely blown away when I came to know that it was an ad (I thought it might be a preview of Pixar’s version of Aquaman or … Continue reading

Applying the water theory elsewhere

I love the World of the water marketing (please don’t stop reading the post categorizing this to be another display of my obsession with water…I have a point here). We can adopt the principles of water marketing successfully in many … Continue reading

Will just water sell?

Since writing the post about Evian bottled water a few months back (and spending generously to purchase bottled water during my recent trip to Europe), I have been following the bottled water industry more closely. This is one industry that fascinates … Continue reading


Selling commodities is hard, or should I say, selling anything as a commodity is hard. But what is a commodity when it comes to marketing? Is water a commodity? I think we have discussed this extensively in the past, so … Continue reading

How you say it matters more than what you say

Advertising world is interesting (and funny). Every soap brand advertises to be the best for your skin, every car maker claims to give the best fuel efficiency & driving experience and every mobile phone company states that they make the … Continue reading

Who’s your competitor?

How well you know your competition plays a major role in your success. But let alone knowing them, it’s not always obvious to mark the competition right. It’s like marking the target for a shooter. Even the ace shooter can’t … Continue reading

Don’t sell, solve

Why do you buy anything? You buy a bottle of water because you are thirsty, you buy an iPod to carry your music around, you buy a luxury car to trade up. The list can go on and on. The … Continue reading

Linking ideas to product

If we were playing Jeopardy, the right answer would have been: “What is branding?” Beijing Olympics 2008 is one of the classical examples of branding at a global scale from the recent times. China spent north of $40 billion to link … Continue reading

It’s all about the perceived value

One thing that counts a lot for any product is its perceived value. Customers do not buy the product, they pay for the value that the product provides them. The more the perceived value of the product, less relevant is the price tag on it … Continue reading

How many vs. Who

Global advertising is a more than $600 billion industry that is growing year-over-year. This endorses the fact that in today’s competitive environment, the value of customer connection is more than ever before. Companies go to great lengths to make sure they connect with … Continue reading